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Spanguard Glass and Surface Coating
Glass & Surface Coating
Spanguard Glass & Surface Coating is #1 in Surface Protection.

It is for all types of glass, porcelain, ceramic surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens & around the house. Spanguard protects surfaces against soil, grim, stains, rust, soap scum & hard water minerals for less soiling & easier cleaning. Use it in the bathroom on glass showers & enclosures, sinks, tubs, toilets, wall tile, counters & mirrors. In the kitchen on sinks, counters, tile and appliances... even windows & patio doors around the house.

Spanguard forms a durable, "Invisible" protective coating that shields surfaces so you don't have to work as hard or use harsh chemicals or abrasives to clean.

Spanguard makes cleaning easy, improves appearance and keeps surfaces sparkling!

The Spanguard Coating is long lasting and will protect from months to years depending upon use, application & abrasion. It can reapplied as needed without removing the prior treatment and is safe on aluminum frames, stainless, chrome and other fixtures.
$18.95 PER PACK